The Apostle General

Rev. Sam KorankyeAnkrah


Sam Korankye Ankrah… A 21st Century Apostle doing the Acts of the Holy Spirit… A Pastor to Pastors and a Bishop of Bishops, Renowned Statesman & Philanthropist, Tactical Entrepreneur & Business Mentor, A Revivalist & Church Planter, A Power Preacher & Prophet!

Portfolio of honours… cutting across high powered political, through business to religions stadia… like the Order of the Volta by President of Republic of Ghana, appointment as 1st Vice President of the renowned G.. Pentecostal Council a. the Global Award for Apostolic and Pastoral Excellence for selfless service to humanity.

Pastor Sam… leader of the Compassion Ministry giver of free medical and nutritional aid to villages, giver of education scholarships to needy. anci hero of t. School of Restoration Pmgram for the rehabilitation of Armed Rdobers, ex-convicts a. social oddities

He is the Founer and Apostle General of the nonenominational multiracial intenational charitable ministry organisation known as Royalhouse Chapel Churches Worldwide, with over 150 churches in Ghana West Africa. several across UK a. USA.

With an anointing .t tums everything he touches into gold. he is the humble recipient, he is married to the legendary woman of God – Rev Rita Korankye Ankrah and blessed with four children and live in Accra Ghana.